Scientists against Trump

As a follow-up to my previous post, Biologists against Trump, I give you this:

70 Nobel Laureates Endorse Hillary Clinton

Here’s the text of the letter:

The coming Presidential election will have profound consequences for the future of our country and the world. To preserve our freedoms. protect our constitutional government and safeguard our national security. and ensure that all members of our nation will be able to work together for a better future, it is imperative that Hillary Clinton be elected as the next President of the United States. Some of the most pressing problems that the new President will face – the devastating effects of debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, the need for alternative sources of energy, and climate change and its consequences – require vigorous support for science and technology and the assurance that scientific knowledge will inform public policy. Such support is essential to this country’s economic future, its health, its security, and its prestige. Strong advocacy for science agencies, initiatives to promote innovation, and sensible immigration and education policies are crucial to the continued preeminence of the U.S. scientific work force. We need a President who will support and advance policies that will enable science and technology to flourish in our country and to provide the basis of important policy decisions. For these reasons and others. we. as U.S. Nobel Laureates concerned about the future of our nation, strongly and fully support Hillary Clinton to be the President of the United States.

Chemists, physicists, doctors, and even (gasp!) economists are all signatories to this document declaring support for Clinton in favor of, um, whoever the other person is currently running for president. Once again, naked appeal to authority? Once again, the answer is “hell, yes!” You don’t get much better authorities than these, and science matters.