Breathtaking inanity in the Louisiana Legislature: May 19 Edition

Our fearless leaders are at it again. Once more, instead of working to tackle the many and varied legitimate problems that face Louisianans, including the budget black hole and the impending flooding of the Atchafalaya River Basin and some parts of Acadiana, they are pushing meaningless morality legislation which they know doesn’t have a prayer (pun intended) in the courts.

Out-of-state observers vacillate between feelings of pity (when we are encumbered with natural disasters beyond our ability to control) and mirth (when we start beating hornet’s nests in an effort to bring additional ridicule our way) for the state of Louisiana and its citizens. Who can blame them? Unfortunately, we all get tarred with the same brush when majorities back prominent idiots and their harebrained schemes (apologies to lagomorphs everywhere for use of that term).

It seems that Senator Mike Walsworth has proposed a resolution to support placing a “Ten Commandments” monument on the State Capitol grounds, evidently in support of Representative Patrick Williams‘s bill pushing for just such a monument. Incredibly, Williams has said that he has no religious motive for sponsoring this bill, stating that he believes this has some sort of historical value in terms of the state’s legal system. It’s not at all clear to me whether he’s that dumb or whether he thinks the rest of us are.

Naturally, our esteemed governor supports this idea. He never met a Christian-pandering act he didn’t like and this appears to be no exception.

Meanwhile, Representative John Labruzzo has proposed a total and absolute ban on abortions in the state of Louisiana. That’s right, no exceptions for any reason whatsoever. Here’s a quote from the Advocate article on the bill: “When asked about medical implications of banning abortion, LaBruzzo interrupted questioner by saying he was directed by his religious beliefs.” (emphasis mine) Rep. Labruzzo has stated that he welcomes a legal challenge to his bill.

The governor has made no statement about this bill to date, but given his past history, he’d be likely to support it. To his credit, at least he hasn’t had his press secretary make a statement about it while he runs around the state looking regal in advance of the coming deluge.

This is some sad, pitiful crap coming out of the branch of government that’s supposed to represent the people in this state. Apparently while state agencies are scrambling to come up with money to buy essential supplies and fund day-to-day operations, the Legislature is hard at work trying to find ways to drain more money from the state’s coffers defending ridiculous laws and activities against inevitable challenges. Nice job. Keep it up and you’ll probably all get re-elected.


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